What Do The Letters On The Mountains In Utah Mean?

In order to end rivalries between different graduating classes at universities, the first three mountain monograms were built. Additionally, letters have been erected to honor winning teams, to commemorate the building of high schools, in memory of local residents, and as part of Boy Scout projects.

What Is The C On The Mountain In Utah?




East Carbon




For the former town of Columbia


39.5142°N 110.3854°W

What Does The G On The Mountain Stand For?

As I learned that the “G” stood for Pleasant Grove High School, I realized that it was all lit up for Homecoming that year. From the hiking trail, you can see the “G.”. It was once a Pleasant Grove holiday called “G Day” when the letter was lit and the town celebrated.

Why Are Letters Painted On Mountains?

The United States is home to a large number of hillbillies. In mountainous Western states, where pride is easier to project, schools and communities tend to find high points.

What Is The V On The Mountain In Bountiful?

During homecoming and graduation, the “V” is lit up, he said. It is painted red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July by students during the summer.

Why Are There Letters On Mountains In Reno?

The letters on the sides of mountains (or “mountain monograms” as some people call them) have been emblazoned in the United States for more than 100 years. Schools and cities typically mark them as landmarks, which serve as a source of pride for the community.

What Is The C On The Mountain In Magna For?

In addition to the new base layer, the “C” has a thick rubberized layer topped with glass beads to really shine. The lighting around the “C” has also been upgraded.

What Is The C On The Mountain In Salt Lake City?

During graduation ceremonies, it is still lit up annually. In March 1905, the second hillside letter was added, a C. A concrete structure was built on Charter Hill overlooking UC Berkeley, and it was placed there.

Why Is There An I On The Mountain In Brigham City Utah?

History. The Army Bushnell Hospital used to be located here. During World War II, it served wounded soldiers. A hospital was to be built on the land donated by Brigham City to the Federal government.

What Is The Name Of The Mountains In Utah?


Mountain peak



Kings Peak

13,534 ft 4125 m


Mount Peale

12,726 ft 3879 m


Mount Waas

12,316 ft 3753.8 m


Delano Peak

12,174 ft 3710.7 m

What Letter Is On The Mountain In Brigham City?

1906 was the year Brigham Young University built the famous “Y”. The byucougars claim that it is a plant. To ensure the “Y” was centered on the mountain, university officials commissioned surveyors to place all three letters, “BYU,” on the mountain.

What Are The Letters On The Mountains In Arizona?

There was a truce between the warring classes as a result of the letter. The game King of the Hill was a violent version of the game that freshmen and sophomores played.

What Does The Y In Utah Mean?

Brigham Young University’s block Y, located on the mountainside directly east of the school, overlooks Utah Valley and is a symbol of tradition and history. Image by Stephanie Rhodes. Brigham Young University is known worldwide for its giant concrete Y on the mountain.

What Is The I On The Mountain In Brigham City?

Intermountain Indian School



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