How Did Mountains Influence Climate?

Rain is made by mountains and rain takers by the mountains. The mountains create a barrier to air moving east off the Pacific Ocean. As the moist, oceanic air rises above the mountains, it cools, and much of its moisture … Read More

How Did Mountains Impact Humans?

What are the effects of mountains on s who live near them? Travel can be difficult due to mountains. Crossing mountains can be difficult. Travel can also be dangerous in mountains because they can be difficult to climb or because … Read More

How Did Mountains Impact Early Europeans?

English, Scotch-Irish, and German descent were the main ethnic groups that settled in the Mountains. The region was a cheap, fertile land that they bought, settled, and grew. The Piedmont and the Coastal Plain were among the places where some … Read More

How Did Mountains Help Protect Rome?

Rome was protected from invasion by two mountain ranges: the Alps and the Apennines. Rome was protected from outside invasion by this natural roadblock, which forced attackers to slow down through narrow passes, giving the Romans time to react. Table … Read More