Are There Mountains In Olivehurst California?

There are few neighborhoods like it. There are no major problems with the schools, but the neighborhood is not very good either. There are poor parks, but there are a lot of decent housing units. There are not many apartments in this building.

Is Olivehurst California A Safe Place To Live?

One in 41 residents in Olivehurst are likely to be victims of violent or property crime. In terms of crime statistics, Olivehurst is not one of the safest places in the country. In comparison to 66% of California’s cities and towns, Olivehurst has a higher crime rate.

How Big Is Olivehurst California?

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What Is In Olivehurst?

  • The Yuba County Airport received 4.9 (11 votes)…
  • 4.6 of the New Life Assembly.
  • The Olivehurst Church of Christ is located in the heart of downtown.
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  • Is Olivehurst A City?

    Olivehurst, California


    66 ft (20 m)

    Population (2010)

    • Total


    • Density

    1,800/sq mi (710/km2)

    What County Is Olivehurst Ca In?

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    Is Plumas Lake Ca Safe?

    There is a lot of safety and quiet in Plumas Lake. Families with young children, elderly couples, and friendly neighbors make up the neighborhood. There are a lot of community parks here, which are great for jogging and running.

    When Was Olivehurst Founded?

    History. Denniston was the name of the town in 1917, according to a map from the California State Mining Bureau. As a result of the Great Depression, it was primarily settled by the Okie community. In 1941, the Olivehurst post office was opened.

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