A Word For A Long Range Of Mountains?

As if the seam of a baseball were stretched across the mid-ocean range. Mountain ranges on Earth are called mid-ocean ridges.

What Do You Call A Range Of Mountains?

Mountain ranges or hill ranges are a series of mountains or hills that are connected by high ground and range in a line. Mountain systems or mountain belts are groups of mountain ranges with similar forms, structures, and alignments that are caused by the same cause, usually anogeny.

What Is Another Word For Long Range?











What Do You Mean By Range Of Mountains?

Mountain ranges are mountains or mountain ridges that are closely related in position and direction – they are called ridges or mountains.

What Do You Call A Chain Of Mountains?

Mountain chains are rows of high summits, linear chains of interconnected mountains, or contiguous ridges of mountains within a larger mountain range. A mountain chain is common in mountain ranges, but a hill chain is more common in hill ranges.

What Is The Synonym Of Range?

In addition to gamut, compass, orbit, scope, and sweep, range is also commonly synonyms. All these words mean “the extent that lies within the powers of something (as to cover or control),” but range is a general term that refers to the extent of one’s perception or the extent of one’s abilities, capacities, or possibilities.

What Are Synonyms For Long-term?

  • extended,
  • far,
  • great,
  • lengthy,
  • long,
  • A long drawn-out process.
  • A long-drawn drawing is (or is drawn) in a certain way.
  • The lifespan of a person is long.
  • What Does The Word Long Range Mean?

    Learners of English Language Definition of long-range : capable of traveling or being used over long distances. A long period of time spent doing something.

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