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Experience the beauty of one of the most unique Southwestern desert canyons on a Sabino Canyon tram ride. Sabino Canyon is a natural desert oasis located in Tucson’s Coronado National Forest and is home to spectacular desert landscapes and abundant wildlife.

During the winter and summer rainy seasons, pools of water form in rocky outcroppings that wind up among hillsides resplendent with Palo Verde trees, Cholla and Prickly Pear cactus and graceful groves of Ocotillo.

History of Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon’s history is as diverse as it is fascinating. The Santa Catalina mountain range began its formation over 12 million years ago, 7 million years before the earliest known human being walked the face of the earth. In around 5 million B.C., the mountains ceased formation around the Tucson area, setting the stage for future ecological action. Plant life first appeared between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago, and some of the earliest predominant human occupants of Sabino Canyon were the Hohokam people. Continue reading…

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Sabino Canyon Tours
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Current Conditions/Updates:

Water is currently running on most bridges in Sabino Canyon. Walkers and bikers should plan accordingly.

Evening rides will begin in April, 2017

Sabino Canyon Trail

Sabino Canyon Trail

Sabino Canyon tours offers a narrated, educational 45-minute, 3.8 mile tour into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Sabino Canyon Trail

Bear Canyon Trail

Bear Canyon Trail tram is a non-narrated 2 mile tour that travels to the trail head of Seven Fall.

Sabino Canyon Trip Planner

Trip Planner

Sabino Canyon is only minutes away from some of Tucson’s best accommodations, shopping, dining and entertainment venues.